Simple Exercises to reduce arm fat at home.

Many people have the fat accumulated in this region.The whole body is normal but your arm may be on the heavier side .

Just follow these simple and effective 3 yoga exercises for arms and look sexy by wearing sleeveless tops and spaghetti .

Be happy if you are doing so.There is no need to be a part of the gym , you can perform these Exercises at home, only you need to practice it consistently .

These exercises are designed for everyone which can be done at every level without any need of equipment and irrespective of any allergies or ache .

With the appropriate exercise , nutrition is equally important however eat healthy – consume proteins , carbohydrates , vitamins according to your weight and other factors such as age , height etc .To know about how much to eat Protein , carbs , fibre etc – you can Analyse your body by own or else if you don’t have much idea of how much to Consume , contact to the nutritionist , you can even even ask me I will help you to get fit – Get Your Veg Diet Plan ( Google Form Linked shared ).

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Watch the given video link and do it along – Thank You

Arm Rotations : 

  • Stand straight with your feet apart.
  • Keep your hands on your shoulders.
  • Rotate your arms in the clockwise direction.
  • Complete the entire set about 15-20 times as per your comfortness.
  • Repeat the same routine in the anti-clockwise direction.
  • This is a simple exercise which can be done even during warm up at a fast pace and can also be included in the yoga exercises at a slow pace .

Arm Circles :

  • Stand with your feet – shoulder width apart and extend your arms parallel to the floor.
  • Circle your right arm using small controlled motions , gradually making the circles bigger until you feel a stretch in your triceps.
  • Complete the entire set of 10-15 times as per your comfortness.
  • Revere the direction of the circles and follow the same.
  • Repeat the entire routine with the other arm – left arm.
  • Complete the entire set of 10-15 times again in the clockwise and anti-clockwise direction as well.
  • Feel the stretch.
  • Practice it gently.
  • This exercise will not only lose arm fat but will also strengthen your arms.

Arm Movements :

  • Stand erect with the feet apart
  • Place your arms in front in the anjali mudra.
  • Tuck your fingers in.
  • Bring your arms towards your side, take a pause and again back to the prior position ( front).
  • Repeat the entire set by 10-15 times as per your comfortness.
  • Move your arms gently and feel the stretch.

These were the few quick exercises which can be carry out anywhere without any equipment or weight lifting designed especially for the people who aren’t use to any prior workouts.

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