What Is Yoga ? When to do Yoga ? Who can do Yoga ?- Pretty Benefits Of Yoga !! – Yoga Warm Ups exercises and Yoga Asanas For Everyone –

What is Yoga ?

Yoga is an attractive word which means “UNION “-,- means it takes – you to ultimate awareness however essentially yoga is not an art but an essential lifestyle which brings you to the reality.

To know more 👇

Yoga is an activity of absolutely doing nothing (Meditation) or may be moving and doing something (Movement Yoga) however connecting your soul towards God.-.

  • The Yoga is a mental as well as physical activity performing beautiful asanas.
  • Yoga has a very ancient history. It is populated in India for 5000 years.
  • It is a combination of many activities those are – breathing techniques-, body movements, meditation, mindfulness and relaxation-.
  • It’s an act of feeling you inside, observing your breath-, sound of your breath thus it’s all about love among you, your soul and God.
  • It’s a spiritual activity though always carry this word inside you leading power to alter the course of your life,-, give you the strength and joy that can never be snatched away by this world.-.

All in all we can stay our MBS healthy just by doing YOGA

MBS means Mind Body Soul

Who Can Do Yoga ?

Yoga is for everyone,-,it’s not like you can’t do 

If  you really love yourself.-.

If you really want to connect your soul to god,-,

Yes so if you really want to know answers to all your questions,-,

Oh God So You Are In Trouble,-,You Find Yourself always in an irritation ‘al  mood , angry mood .

If you want to feel good 

If you want to overcome all your stress and emotions 

If you want to feel joyful 


We are all going through some ups , downs , Worst Happenings , feeling low , feeling anxious However YOGA IS FOR EVERYONE 







         AND 1……..


Hold Your Breath For Few Seconds As Per Your Capacity.-.





Hold Your Breath For A While as Per Your Capacity .-.








Hold Your Breath Again 










You Rocked It Seriously 👌 

When To Do Yoga ?

Perfect Time to perform Yoga is obviously early in the morning on an empty stomach or after 2 hours of your meal ( you can consume a light meal if you feel hungry )if you wish to shower before doing yoga then it is awesome .You can even Perform this activity in the evening time as well but on an empty stomach.

Do it with a joy and love !

Begin your day with performing Yoga Asanas and Meditation at least 20mins. Else if your Working hours seems different you can do yoga at different times on different days of the week Ensure Letting YOGA fit into your schedule instead of trying to work your schedule around .

20 Pretty Benefits Of YOGA 

  • Major benefit of yoga is you will always feel calm and relax even attempting lots of work load .
  • It will help you to relief your back pain.
  • Help in maintaining Balance .
  • Create an Awareness about what is happening around ( Increased Focus ).
  • No Breathing Problems.
  • Helps in Weight Loss .
  • Builds Strength .
  • Increases Your Blood Flow .
  • Aids In Constipation and other digestive issues.
  • Boosts Immunity.
  • Betters your Bone Health .
  • Ups your Heart Rate .
  • Makes You Happier .
  • Relax Your System.
  • Better Sleep.
  • Increases Your Self – Esteem
  • Proper Posture .
  • Lowers Blood Sugar .
  • Peace Of Mind.

Basic Warm Ups and Easy Asanas To Perform In Your Daily Life Which Will always lead a Healthy and A Peaceful Life !

You Can Perform These Yoga Warmup exercises and yoga sequence after you wake up .-.


I will hardly take 25 mins to complete the entire sequence  “Trust Me You Can Do It “

Kindly Read the Following Instructions – Below I have also attached the yoga Warm up video as well as Yoga Asana in sequence video for everyone .-.

Yoga Warm Up Exercises For Everyone

1)Neck Rotations : It is part of warm up of any style of yoga as it helps us to loosen up-, reduces the heaviness and stiffness around the shoulders -, back of neck -, eyes and head.-.

The easy and slow rotation of the  neck moving anticlockwise as well as clockwise along with the breath coordination helps us to lighten the head.-.( It Is Beneficial to the people who sit at one place for long hours or kind of job that puts strain at the neck and shoulders .-.

How To Do Neck Rotations :

  • Stand Erect With Both Your Feets Parallel to each other 
  • Close your eyes 
  • Shift your neck rotation starting clockwise motions .-.Find Your Inhale on the back side and then exhale on the front side of your rotation .-. A few more then will reverse the direction .-.
  • Now will perform the same in opposite direction.-.Shift your neck rotation starting anticlockwise motions .-.Find Your Inhale on the back side and then exhale on the front side of your rotation .-. Few More .-.
  • Shift your neck in front gently – inhale .-. Move your neck towards your right -exhale .-. Perform this warm up more 2 times and done .-.
  • Moving ahead Inhale and Look Up in the sky and Exhale back in front gently .-.Breathe In Look Down and Breathe Out In Front .-.( Up And Down ) Few more .

2) Shoulder Movements : It’s a least stable joint in your body .-.Many people sit at one place for hours and there’s limited usage of hip and shoulders .-. A limited shoulder range of movement makes it difficult to throw an effective cross or hook.-.To makeover the entire muscle for better Balance and joint stability ,you have to work it through a ful range of motions .-. 

Let’s take a look on how you can incorporate range-of-motion exercise to improve your shoulder motion.

How To Do Arm Circles :

  • Hold your arms straight out from your sides and make circles with them .-. Rotate Forward For 10 times and after in a reverse direction .-.( Start With Small Circles and move it gently )

How To Do Shoulder Stretch :

  • Stand upright and cross the right arm across your body ,-.hold your right elbow with your left hand and slowly press it towards your left shoulder until you feel a gentle stretch,-.Hold for 10 secs and repeat the same with the left arm across the body .-.

How To Do Shoulder Rolls : 

  • This is an extremely simple yet effective exercise .-.
  • Sit / Stand Erect .-.Do not hunch forward .-.
  • Roll your shoulders up towards your ears and then back down in a smooth forward circular motion.-.
  • Repeat this 10 times 
  • Reverse the direction to roll your shoulders in a background circular motion.
  • Repeat it 10 more times.

3) Wrist Rotation (Manibandha Chakra ) :It increases the flexibility of your joints and develops the strength .-.This Warm up is probably done before some yoga Asanas.

 How To Do Wrist Rotation :

  • Straighten the arms in front of you .-.
  • Make a fist with your hand tuck your thumb inside your fingers.-.
  • Starting with the right hand first making wrist rotations .-.Inhaling the fingers are turned upwards and exhaling the fingers downwards.-.
  • While taking slow deep breaths ,rotate your wrist in both the directions (5times)

4)Hip Circles :  It helps to loosen the lower back and hip muscles , strengthens the core and trims the waist .

How To Do Hip Circles :

  • Stand straight with your feet a little wider 
  • Place hands near your waist
  • Slowly rotate your hips 
  • Complete a set of 30 in one direction and then switch to the opposite direction

5)Knee Circles : It helps in overcoming stiffness and pain in knees and ankles.

How To Do Knee Circles :

  • Stand straight with your feets together and knees bent .
  • Place your hands on the knees and slowly rotate them making small circles .
  • Complete the set of 10 in one direction and then switch to the reverse direction .

6) Ankle Circles : It loosens all the connective tissue in the ankle joint and strengthens the muscles, Reduces pain in ankles , Improved Balance and Stability .-.

How To Do Ankle Circles :

  • Place both the feets flat on the floor 
  • Lift one foot slightly in the air, point the toe and rotate the ankle in a small tight circle.
  • Complete the set of 10 in one direction and then switch to the opposite direction.-.

Healthy You Is Equal To Healthy Mind Which leads To A Healthy and a Peaceful Life 

Yoga Asanas ( for everyone )


Sequence :

1) Arm Movements : Sculpting a Strong Upper Body Is Essential to overall fitness.To help you to live a healthy and active lifestyle , your workouts should include activities dedicated to exercising your arms , shoulders , chest.-.Arm Exercising impact positively on heart health as well.

How To Do :

  • Place your hands near your chest 
  • Tuck your thumb inside your fingers 
  • Move your arms and your fingers towards your side
  • Complete the set 2 times
  • Repeat the same moving upwards in the sky
  • Complete the set 2 times 
  • Now do the same moving forward straight in front of you with the count of 8
  • Complete the set 2 times again
  • Repeat the same moving downwards 2 times 
  • At the end place your hand near your chest.

For practical Training Do Watch My Video Given Below .

2)Namaste Asana : Nama Means bow,-,and ye means you .-. ” Bow Me You “This Gesture represents the belief that there is a Divine spark within us that is located in the heart chakra however it’s a deep form of respect .-.

How To Do :

  • Stand Straight With Erect Back 
  • Join Your Hands 
  • Place namaste near your chest 
  • Move namaste up , -, arms should be close to ears.
  • Hold this pose for 5 seconds
  • Now shift the same behind your head 
  • Hold the pose for 5 seconds again
  • To end shift the namaste posture up in the sky , arms close to the ears 
  • End the gesture by placing namaste near the chest.
  • Complete the same set 5 times 
  • Similarly will perform this same in a yoga sqaut posture ( Garland Pose )
  • Complete the same set 5 times 

End the gesture by placing both the arms down to the floor with head close to the floor (Child Pose )

3) Child Pose ( Balasana ) : Take a break , this pose is a restful and calming pose especially for spine.

How To Do :

  • Kneel on the floor 
  • Touch your Big Toes together and sit on your heels , -, then seperate your knees about as wide as your hips.
  • Lay your hands on the floor alongside your torso , palms up and release the front of your shoulders toward the floor .
  • Feel how the weight of the front shoulders pulls the shoulder blades wide across your back.
  • Stay in this pose from 30 seconds to 1 / 2 or more minutes.

4) Cow $ Cat Pose (Chakravasana ) :

Cat – Cow is a gentle flow between two poses that warms body and brings flexibility to the spine.It stretches the back torso and neck.-.Softly it stimulates and strengthens the abdominal organs.This sequence helps to develop postural awareness and balance throughout the body.-.

How To Do :

  • Start on your hands and knees with your wrists directly under your shoulders, and knees directly under your hip.
  • Point your fingertips to the top of your mat. Place your shins and knees hip-width apart. Center your head in a neutral position and soften your gaze downward.
  • Begin by moving into Cow Pose: Inhale as you drop your belly towards the mat. Lift  chin and chest,-, and gaze up toward the ceiling.
  • Broaden across your shoulder blades and draw  shoulders away from ears.-.
  • Next,-,move into Cat Pose: As you Exhale ,-,draw your belly to  spine and round your back toward the ceiling.-.The pose should look like a cat stretching its back.
  • Release the crown of head toward the floor,-.but don’t force chin to your chest.-.
  • Inhale,-, coming back into Cow Pose, and then Exhale as you return to Cat Pose.-.
  • Repeat 5-20 times,-, and then rest by sitting back on your heels with torso upright.-.

5) Twists :

Spending hours at a time sitting at a desk can take a toll on your posture:- Your shoulders slump,-,your head tips forward,-, and your circulation stagnates. This helps in blood flow ,-, It includes challenging poses, so work steadily at your own pace. When you finish, you should feel stronger, more open,-, and more empowered.-.

6) Side Stretch :

Side bending yoga poses helps with opening the heart,-, hence can also form part of Heart Opening Yoga Sequence.-. Side Bend Pose stretches the side back opening the chest and the diaphragm muscle.-.

7) Garland Pose ( Malasana ) :

It Stretches the ankles,-, groins and back torso – Overcomes if any digestive Issues – Tones the belly .-.

8) Mountain Pose ( Tadasana ) :

It Improves your Posture and body awareness ,-, Strengthens your legs ,-,and establishes good alignment.-.You have to be aware of each part of your body and the role that it plays in stacking your bones and keeping your spine long.-.

How To Do :

  • Lift up your toes ,-, fan them out then drop them back down to create a wide,-, solid base.-. You can separate your heels slightly if your ankles are knocking together uncomfortably.
  • Let your feet and calves root down into the floor.-.
  • Engage your quadriceps and draw them upward,-, causing your kneecaps to rise.-.
  • Rotate your thighs inward,-, creating a widening of the sit bones.-.
  • Shrug your shoulders up to your ears .
  • Hold this posture by taking 5/10 breaths .
  • Inhale into chair pose.

9) Chair Pose ( Utkatasana ) :

It clearly works the muscles of the arms and legs,-, but it also stimulates the diaphragm and heart.-. It strengthens the ankles,-, thighs,-,calves and spine. Stretches shoulders and chest.-. Utkatasana stimulates the abdominal organs,-,diaphragm and heart.-.

How To Do :

  • Stand in Tadasana
  • Inhale and raise your arms perpendicular to the floor 
  • Exhale and bend your knees,-, trying to take the thighs as nearly parallel to the floor as possible 
  • Stay here for 30 seconds to a minute 
  • To come out of this pose ,-, straighten your knees with an inhalation ,-,lifting strongly through the arms.-.
  • Exhale and release your arms to your sides into Tadasana 

Hey ! So We Completed One Sequence of yoga of about 20-25 minutes .

Live A Beautiful And A Healthy Lifestyle !!

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