Yoga for Belly Fat

7 Effective Belly Yoga That Everyone can do :  Let’s see the video on how to perform this practice in sequence 

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Yoga to reduce belly fat


Let’s get into detail about the Posture – 

Bhujangasana (Cobra pose)

Bhujang – ” snake ” , Asana – ” pose ”  Open the heart and roll the shoulders down to promote flexibility in Cobra pose by laying down on your stomach inhale through the Nostril , place your hands on the floor near your chest with the shoulders straight , look in front and exhale – continue to perform and breathe in , breathe out as per the flow .

Benefits :

  • Strengthens the spine 
  • Improves Digestion 
  • Reduces belly fat 
  • Improves Circulation
  • Strengthens the arms and shoulders 
  • Improves flexibility 
  • Decreases the stiffness of lower back 
  • Relieves stress.

Salabhasana (Locust pose)

 It is a simple posture ,hold it with 4-5 breaths – Lie on your stomach and lift your leg up as high as you can – hold it as long as you can If you are pregnant don’t perform this  posture.

Benefits :

  • Stretches the entire body 
  • Reduces belly fat 
  • Strengthens the glutes , back and leg muscles .
  • Stimulates the abdominal organs.
  • Opens the chest and shoulders.

Dhanurasana (Bow pose)

Begin this pose by laying down on your stomach – lift your leg up as high as you can , hold your heels with your hands , continue to breath in and out.

Breathe more into the back of your torso , just make sure you go with the  flow of your Breathe in each posture you perform . Hold this pose for 20-30 secs and relax You can do this practice as many times you want , just make sure you perform it gently .

Benefits :

  •  Improves posture 
  • Stretches the entire front body 
  • Reduces belly fat 
  • Strengthens the back muscles

Phalakasana (Plank pose)

Nurture your love – hate relationship with the popular plank pose beginning it by breathing in through nose into downward facing dog pose exhale, put your heels straight by pressing your front thighs up towards the ceiling – Lift the base of the skull away from the back of the neck and look straight down at the floor, keeping the throat and eyes soft – continue to take breaths while performing the plank pose – keep your back straight always , you can perform this practice as many times as you can by holding this posture for at least 30 secs.

To know more practically watch the video given for every posture in sequence 

Benefits :

  • Strengthens the arms , wrists and spine
  • Tones the abdomen 
  • Improves the posture 
  • Heightens metabolism 
  • Reduces back pain
  • Improves Balance
  • Boosts mood and relieves stress 

Navasana (Boat pose)

The most well – known poses for core strength  Begin the posture by laying down relaxing on your back , lift your legs up and gently lift your Upper body as well – spread your shoulders blades wide, keep your breathe easy and engage your hands and your entire body in the flow , look straight in front and exhale  Complete the set of this posture for better Balance and improved metabolism as many times as you can by holding it for at least 20-30 secs 

Benefits :

  • Improves Digestion
  • Helps relieves stress
  • Strengthens the abdomen , hip flexors and spine
  • Stretches the hamstring

Pavamuktasana (Wind relieving pose)

Excellent pose for releasing abdominal gas ,lie on your back with your feet together and arms besides your body – breathe in deep , bring your right and left knee towards your chest – press your thigh on abdomen with clasped hands – Exhale  – Hold it as long as you breathe in and out  Complete the set of pose as many as times you can by holding it at least for 20-30 secs 

Benefits :

  • Eases tension in lower back 
  • Relieves constipation and gas 
  • Tones the legs and arms 
  • Enhances blood circulation in the hip joints
  • Massages the intestine and other abdominal organs.

Leg movements

Moving your leg connected with your abdomen organ will help you to reduce belly fat by breathing in Lie on your back  – Rest , Gently lift your right as well as left leg up in the sky – bring near your chest straight and exhale Go back and repeat the same for 10 times at least  Continue to take breaths 

Benefits :

  • Tones your abdomen
  • Improves Digestion 
  • Reduces belly fat 
  • Strengthens your legs 
  • Reduces back pain 
  • Improves Balance 

While practicing yoga on regular basis , eat healthy food and avoid all the processed foods to well maintain your lifestyle  Look at your whole body and stay independent by thinking positive , eating positive and working out positive which is equal to a Positive Energy .

Positive Energy = Healthy Lifestyle 

I am sure you find my article and video beneficial  Try to apply it in your daily life and live a beautiful healthy life Thank You So Much 

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